Gospel Lesson: Being a Lively Stone

Written by Brother Ben Hemmings on Thursday, October 09, 2014. Posted in Scripture Study

Gospel Lesson: Being a Lively Stone

Today is our first Gospel Lesson! Your teacher is Brother Ben Hemmings, and his topic rocks! Wait, his topic actually is rocks...

Today's reading: 1 Peter 2:5-9

Every day we walk over them. They are pieces of earth that we don't always consider. They can comprise the footpaths we walk on or the area where we park our cars. They are still used as weapons and still stacked to build the walls and foundations of our houses.

Stones are found all around us ... Earth certainly does have a lot of them. We know that rocks are formed through varying means: earthly elements facing hundreds or thousands years of heat and pressure underneath the Earth's surface, lava that hardens following a volcanic eruption, or compositely through pieces of other rocks and mud coming together.

Now, you probably did not click this blog to read a science lesson, but it is important to consider the above. This lesson series is about celebrating one giant metaphor.

In his epistle, Peter tells us that we are to be lively stones. Do we know exactly what a lively stone is? A lively stone is a stone that has had its rough surface smoothed out.

Imagine, in an attempt to briefly flee the hustle and bustle of your somewhat busy life, you stumble across a brook in the middle of the woods. The sound of the water brings calmness to your mind, but little do you know that the noise is a result of the rocks and other objects at the brook's floor, altering the flow of the water.

The act of smoothing a stone creates a beautiful, calming sound to a listener. Let that sink in...

Just as rocks are very prevalent all around us on this planet, they are mentioned quite a bit in the scriptures (obviously, same planet, different times). Through circumstances we will discuss in the coming weeks, God creates exquisite metaphors with rocks. What we might view as oddly shaped pieces of dirt and muck have been created for something beautiful. Each rock has its own story and purpose as well, playing a pivotal role in God unfolding His plan.

As we already established, rocks are still around us. Just as rocks played an important role in scripture, they still do today. They comprise the path that leads to our destination. They are used to build walls to provide safety from the outside. There is that one lone rock sitting in the middle of the yard looking pretty. Many are still sitting at the bottom of the brook, creating a beautiful noise as they endure the process of the rough edges getting smoothed out, waiting for the moment a passerby picks it up...

Questions to think on:

  • What do you use rocks for?
  • What kind of rock are you (as in, how were you formed and where are you found)?
  • What does being a lively stone mean to you?
  • How do you describe the spiritual process of becoming lively?

Next Thursday's reading: 1 Samuel 17

This lesson is part one of five.

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