Good Tidings to You

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Good Tidings to You

We hope you had a wonderful time yesterday celebrating the birth of Christ the Lord!

We've been busy celebrating all month long on the blog, especially with the Christmas Character series. In case you missed any of the posts, we want to give you a recap of all that great content.

As you may remember, a team of creative writers and artists worked together to create the series. Here's a snapshot of what God inspired them with.

Sister Ruth Gehly walked in Elizabeth's shoes, and Sister Michelle Watson interpreted the godly woman's transformation from desolate to delivered.

Michelle Elizabeth4

Sister Natalie Pezzenti gave the innkeeper a voice, and Sister Shannon Martorana gave him a face.

2 Innkeeper Shannon

Brother Jerry Valenti imagined how the manger longed to be a treasure chest and ended up cradling the greatest treasure of all. Little Kassidy Rabe used pretzels and pasta to bring the manger to life.

3 Kassidy Manger2

Sister Alena Ricci spoke from the all-seeing perspective of the new star, and Sister Rebecca Stowell's illustration showed us how God is in control.

4 Rebecca Star

Sister Erin Light asked, "What if the donkey that carried Mary to Bethlehem was the same donkey that carried Christ into Jerusalem?" Brother Jared Scolaro's vivid painting shows the donkey traveling his road.

5 Jared Donkey

Brother Rich Nath recounted Nephi's crisis on Christmas night, while Sister Lee Mahl's painting portrays the mighty leader during a quiet moment.

6 Lee Nephi

Sister Karen Jo Pandone imagines what the Angel Gabriel must have thought when given the message to deliver to Mary, and Sister Holly Hemmings' illustration shows the lightning in his face.

7 Holly Angel

Brother Chris Gehly tells what happens in the heart of one of the shepherds when the Christ child reaches out and touches him. The kids of the Monongahela Branch Sunday School finger painted what they thought the shepherds must've seen on that first noel.

8 Shepherd

Brother Jonathan Scolaro describes the roller coaster ride that Joseph experiences as he accepts the role God gives him. Brother Andrew McNamara envisions his kind, careworn face.

9 Joseph1

Little Cristina Scolaro gives voice to Mary's heart as she experiences each stage of God's plan. Brother Andrew McNamara depicts her standing with the Christ Child in her arms, solid in God's strength.

10 mary

The nativity is a story about ordinary people who became part of God's extraordinary plan. We hope these creative stories and illustrations helped you grow closer to Jesus this Christmas.

A big thank you to all the writers and participants!

One last thing!

We invited the writers who have contributed frequently to the blog over the past year to personally wish you a merry Christmas. If you didn't see yesterday's video, check it out below! Or click here to watch it if you're reading via email. Get ready for some rousing Christmas carols! Many of the writers recruited family members to sing with them. Pets made unannounced appearances in some clips (watch closely!), and one writer, Sister Stefanie, got the entire Denver Mission to sing with her!

(Click here to watch the video if you're reading on email.)

This is our way of wishing you a most merry Christmas. We love each of you, and it is a privilege to write for you and discuss the things of the Lord.

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