Good Cheer Greeting Card Keeper

Written by Sister Michelle Watson on Tuesday, December 06, 2016. Posted in Special Series

Good Cheer Greeting Card Keeper

Did you miss the Christmas gift that we gave you last week? Well, today, we're bringing you another way to use your Good Cheer Greetings (those cute Christmas printable graphics) as décor around your home this holiday season.

Chances are you're starting to get some Christmas cards in the mail. Instead of stowing them in a box or haphazardly sticking them to your fridge, why not make your own Christmas card wall display? Today, we show you how.

(Again, the point of our Good Cheer Greetings is to offer a simple, cute way to place messages about God around your home at this wonderful time of year.)


  • Wire clothing hanger
  • Christmas ribbon – Mine was 2 inches wide
  • 3 Good Cheer Greetings printed size 5x7 and cut out
  • Black foam board
  • Packing tape
  • Scissors and craft or utility knife
  • Clothespins

1. Bend the top of the hanger so that it forms a loop. Wrap a length of ribbon around the loop until it's entirely covered. Secure with tape on the back side. (It won't show.)

GCG card keeper 1

2. Cut four long lengths of ribbon — these are what actually hold the cards. I made mine around 4 feet long.

3. Loop one end of each long ribbon around the bottom of the hanger. Secure with tape. Set aside.

GCG card keeper 2

4. Affix the three Good Cheer Greetings across the short end of the foam board. Then use a craft or utility knife to trim the foam board.

GCG card keeper 3

5. Tape the foam board to the hanger. Secure each of the four ribbons to the board to keep them from sliding side to side.

GCG card keeper 4

8. Cut a length of ribbon and tie a decorative bow. Affix it to the foam board — I simply did this with tape on the back side. You can't tell from the front. Alternatively, you can try a hot glue gun or a couple of stitches with a needle and thread.

GCG card keeper 5

9. Hang the card keeper on the wall by placing the loop on a nail or pushpin. Use clothespins to attach the cards to the ribbons.

GCG card keeper 6This article has undergone ministry review and approval.

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