Generation Gap Interview: Sister Tori and Sister Irene

Written by Sister Tori Liberto on Thursday, November 21, 2013. Posted in Generation Gap Interviews

Generation Gap Interview: Sister Tori and Sister Irene

Generation Gap Interviews are where young people interview older people in their branches to make connections between the generations and learn from one another.

Your name: Tori Liberto

Name of person you're interviewing: Irene Ciccati

Her age: A lady never tells

Years she's been baptized: 68 years this November

Branch she attends right now: San Diego

Fun Fact 1: What was your favorite subject in school?
Music and Art

Fun Fact 2: What chores did you help out with around the house as a young child?
Washing dishes, cooking, sweeping floors, washing chairs every Saturday, take caring of younger kids (she was the eighth child out of 12)

Fun Fact 3: What was your favorite television show, radio show, or book growing up?
"I Love Lucy" and "Father Knows Best"

Fun Fact 4: What was your hobby?
Playing piano, sewing, and baking

Fun Fact 5: What do you look forward to throughout the year?
Remodeling her house and yard

Spiritual Question 1: When were you baptized? Who baptized you?
November 17, 1945, baptized by Brother Jim Velardi and confirmed by Brother Alfred Dominico

Spiritual Question 2: Who encouraged/influenced you in your youth?
Romie Calabrese

Spiritual Question 3: What is your favorite hymn?
"What a Friend We Have in Jesus "

Spiritual Question 4: What has God taught you recently?
To trust in Him

Spiritual Question 5: What words of encouragement would you like to tell the young people?
Trust in God and your parents


Prayers for the Philippines

Many have asked about the status of our brothers and sisters in the Philippines after the recent devastation there. As of now, the Philippine Team has heard from only one family that resides on one of the highest mountains on the island of Bohol. The saints are struggling to provide basic life necessities for their families. At this time, most of the saints are still without power. We earnestly ask for your prayers for your brothers and sisters in Christ and all those affected by both disasters. Please take a minute and prayerfully watch this video, which provides a small view of what has been seen on trips to the Philippines and what the brothers and sisters there are experiencing now.

If the link and the video window above do not work, please use this URL:

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