From the Mission Field: Oaxaca, Mexico

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From the Mission Field: Oaxaca, Mexico

Many of you have probably heard about the missionary effort going on in Oaxaca, Mexico. Today, we're sharing a special testimony (reprinted from the HFF Newsletter Vol. 21, No. 1) and a video from one of the recent trips there. When you get a chance, remember to pray for the mission in Oaxaca as well as the many other missions throughout the world.

Gabriel's Testimony

I want to talk to you about the testimony of Gabriel, a young man that has been visiting us for three months. This young man works driving a cargo truck carrying loads of sand, gravel, rocks, etc. He works in the mountains.

Gabriel took a new job (which is extremely difficult to find in this area), and on his third trip of his first day, one of the truck wheels got a severe flat tire. Gabriel had the truck in a riverbed and was extremely far away from any repair place. He was carrying a load of sand.

His supervisor saw him and was upset. His supervisor told him, "Now you have to get that truck out of that riverbed as soon as possible, so that you don't lose the truck in the river."

It was difficult, but he finally got the truck out of the riverbed and he started to take it to a place through the mountains, very slowly and with much fear. The road is very narrow and behind him was another truck with his supervisor, making sure that nothing worse would happen.

While he was driving, Gabriel became very sad. He thought they were going to fire him because it was his first day and already he got a flat tire. In Oaxaca, it is very difficult to get a job.

When he was at his saddest point, he remembered The Church and began to sing, "Sing Glory." Then he felt a presence enter the truck with him. Gabriel took his sombrero off the passenger's seat, and he asked, "Who is in here with me?" But he didn't look to see who was there.

Then he felt the presence fill the whole cab of the truck. He got goose bumps all over, and the hair on his arms stood up while he strongly continued to ask, "Who is in here?" Then, he heard a voice that went throughout his whole body that said to him, "I AM JESUS CHRIST."

He stopped the truck, got out, and started to cry like a baby. Then, the truck that was behind him with his supervisor in it also stopped, and his supervisor got out and asked, "What's going on, Gabriel?" Gabriel couldn't speak about what he was feeling, but he made an effort to tell them.

When he took his hands down from his face to explain to them what had happened, they noticed that the tire was totally repaired! The supervisor didn't understand what was happening. He inspected the tire several times, from the front, from the back, from all sides, and it was totally repaired! It was incredible what they saw. They saw the tire flat, and with the truck carrying tons of sand. It is impossible to repair a tire like that.

That Sunday, Gabriel went to Church and brought his supervisor with him as a witness of what had happened. He thought we (everyone from The Church) wouldn't believe him. Gabriel told everything that happened, and he brought a witness. His supervisor stood up and said, "I am from another faith, but I am sure of what I saw." He confirmed everything that Gabriel said. Just like that, Gabriel as well as four other visitors wanted to get baptized.

Please enjoy the video below, which includes photos and footage of the beautiful saints in Oaxaca as well as the local landscape, animals, and food. For those of you reading in email, click here to watch.

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  • Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Teri-Lyn Tunno

    28 May 2015 at 18:05 |
    This was absolutely beautiful!!! What a wonderful group of Saints in Oaxaca, Mexico!! The video was so well done. It definitely told the story. I have no doubt that there will be many more blessings to come for this mission as well as the missionaries. Thank you so much for sharing!!! God bless the saints and all the efforts.


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