Fix My Eyes

Written by Sister Linda Scolaro on Tuesday, July 15, 2014. Posted in Devotional

Fix My Eyes

Recently, I took my daughter and a couple of close friends out to celebrate her thirteenth birthday. Both girls arrived with their cell phones Velcroed to their hands. As pizza was served, they did not even notice because they were constantly interacting with texts on their phones rather than with each other. In the meantime, my daughter decided to read the menu and explore other offerings.

She would have probably joined them in "texting world;" however, her phone does not have texting capability due to our parental judgment. In any case, one of the girls commented, "I cannot even eat because I keep receiving texts."

Quickly I thought of a spiritual application. How often do I turn away the opportunity to receive spiritual nourishment due to social networking, texts, and technology in general? The children in our branch just sang a Christian song called "Fix My Eyes." Even though the food was before my daughter's friends, they were too distracted to take it in. The writer of this song says if he could press rewind or delete, he would have done things differently and be more focused on Jesus.

Spending time with these teenagers opened my eyes to the reality of the distractions that face us today. The purpose of this celebration was for my daughter to spend time with her friends. Unfortunately, this celebration looked very different from my memories of spending time with friends. The days of having conversations face to face has changed. As a result, their conversations centered on texts they were getting from other friends.

If I could press rewind or delete, as the song writer says, I would take back the times I should have been more focused on Jesus by reading His word or praying for others rather than submitting to distractions. For now, I am going to fast-forward to fixing my eyes on Jesus despite the daily distractions that surround me.

Watch For King and Country sing "Fix My Eyes."

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Alma 35-36

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