Fall for It

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Fall for It

Today we're bringing you two more Blessing Bits from the Gospel News. If you haven't already, please share your short, sweet testimonies with the paper by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Brother Ishmael D'Amico, Detroit, MI

While employed in the construction of a building in Detroit in November, 1921, I was handling material to the bricklayer, I was standing on a board about one foot wide, which was supported by a scaffold some distance from the ground. Suddenly the board upon which I stood broke and fell to the ground; but I remained standing in mid-air, safe and sound. I was neither injured nor afraid, and I glorified God that I was preserved, although the board had broken and fallen from under me. I then stepped over to other boards which had not broken It was just as if someone had held me up until I could reach a place of safety. Later I was telling this experience in a testimony meeting here in Detroit. The Spirit of God descended on one of the brothers, and he saw in a vision, that when the board had broken, the Lord Jesus himself came and held me by my arms to keep me from falling. I thank our Lord again and again that He saved me from perishing.

Sister Susan Scime, Lake Worth, FL

When my son was 2 years old, our apartment was on the second floor which we could only get to by outside stairs. One evening my son fell from the second floor landing, 14 feet onto the concrete. I will never forget the minutes that passed as he lay still, and I waited for the ambulance to arrive. Such panic I felt as we drove to the hospital and then waited to receive the report from the doctor. Finally, the doctor came and said " it's a good thing that he tumbled down the stairs instead of a direct fall, as he might not have lived". I said he fell directly onto the concrete. The doctor's response was "surely someone was with him", since he only suffered a simple fracture and was fine. We all know that "someone" is the Lord. Today my son is a healthy 40 year old member of the church!

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