Everyday Miracles That Matter

Written by Sister Teresa Pandone on Monday, April 27, 2015. Posted in Miracles

Everyday Miracles That Matter

Today is our last day of miscellaneous Miracle Mondays, and we're sharing two experiences from Sister Teresa Pandone.

Experience 1

I wear eyeglasses, and sometimes I remove them, hook them on my blouse, and continue with my task.

One day, as I was doing yard work, I did this and continued bending over and picking up weeds and raking the grass in the yard. After some time, I noticed my glasses were not where I placed them. I searched all over and could not find them. I became quite anxious because I need them to read and drive.

As the anxiety accelerated, I began to pray and ask God to please help me locate them. I continued to search the yard again, praying all the while.

Suddenly, I had the thought to look into the barrel where I was placing all of the weeds and trash from the yard. I removed everything that I had put into that barrel, and at the bottom, I found my glasses. I began to thank and praise God for His message to me. God is so good, even in my everyday problems.

Experience 2

In February of this year, I gathered all of the information needed to file my 2014 taxes so I could send it to my accountant. I had copies of most of my documentation, but for some reason I did not make copies of everything (which is very unusual for me). Anyone who knows me knows that I am very organized and would not think of NOT making copies of everything.

I placed it all into a 9x12 envelope and mailed it to my accountant on February 19. On February 25, he informed me he had not received my mail, and by the 28th it still hadn't arrived. My anxiety was accelerating. I began to pray, asking God to intervene to locate the mail.

In the meantime, I called the post office in my city, and the person there called the post office where the mail was directed, and they could find it anywhere at that location. I called several times and received the same answer, "We cannot find it anywhere. The only thing I can tell you is that the mail was damaged, and the return address was also damaged, and they could not return the mail."

My anxiety had peaked, and I was praying more ardently and asked my accountant and my two sons to help me to pray. I told the Lord, "I know the only way that the mail is going to be found is with your intervention."

On March 3, I got an email from my accountant that he received the envelope. I began to cry and got down on my knees thanking and praising God. That envelope took 12 days to go 40 miles away in Michigan. God helps us even in the "natural" problems we encounter on a daily basis. How can we ever sufficiently thank Him?

Communion Miracles for May

We're still in need of communion miracles to share next month for May. If you've had or know of an experience that involves this holy ordinance in any way, we would love to hear about it and praise Him with you. Please take a moment to send us your experience today.

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