Every Adoption Is a Miracle of Love

Written by Sister Denise Bodo on Friday, February 07, 2014. Posted in Miracles

Every Adoption Is a Miracle of Love

Today we're wrapping up our weeklong Miracle Monday extravaganza. We hope you've been encouraged by the things God has done for your brothers and sisters. If you're asking God for something, He is able! Just keep seeking, keep knocking, keep asking.

Today's testimony illustrates just that. Sister Denise Bodo shares her experience with adoption. Just like a traditional birth, an adoption is a miracle every time it happens.

Five years into my marriage, my husband Mike and I decided to have children. By then I was 32 and felt time was ticking fast. So, after six months and nothing, I went to my doctor and found out that I had hyperthyroidism. My doctor said, "Let's wait a year and see what happens." So, we waited a year and still nothing. No baby, no change in my thyroid.

All this time I was praying, "Lord, please, I want to be a mother." After dealing with my thyroid — I had a treatment done that eventually made my thyroid become hypo or low — we decided to see a specialist. After many procedures, shots, and heartache, we still had no baby and now I was 39.

Needless to say, I was very discouraged, but God had a plan all along, and I just had to be patient.

My husband and I had talked about adopting, so I made it a matter of prayer and asked God that if this was what He wanted that everything would go smoothly and that I would not be discouraged. We picked an organization that was Christian-based, and after tons of paperwork and visits to doctors for check-ups and being fingerprinted for the FBI, we got on the list of waiting parents for South Korea.

Finally, the day arrived! We received the call that we had been waiting for! Our son was on his way to us. What a blessing to finally hold him in my arms! God had a special plan for my husband and me and our son, too. And I got what I prayed for: to be a mother. Now, 10 years later, I praise and thank God everyday for the wonderful miracle of my son. He has filled my life with so much love. God is so good!

Stay Tuned Next Week

To observe Valentine's Day, we're running five special articles next week. Some are aimed at couples and others are targeted to singles, but we encourage everyone to read them all. There are lessons to be learned on both sides of the vows. These will be great to forward to kids and grandkids who may not know about the blog. See you next week!

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