Even the Storms Are for Our Benefit

Written by Brother Jared Scolaro on Monday, October 12, 2020. Posted in Miracles

Even the Storms Are for Our Benefit

Today's Miracle Monday is a blessing shared by Brother Jared Scolaro in response to our prompt, "Share an experience regarding missionary travel."

I was blessed to tag along on a missionary trip to Colombia in May 2015. In the days leading up to our departure, the weather forecast predicted rain every day of the trip, which was concerning because our primary means of transportation was on foot.

Thankfully, God had other plans.

During the entire trip, the weather was sunny and beautiful (except for one day), so we were able to visit all of the people who we wanted to meet. On the one day that it did rain, it really poured. We had been planning to walk across town to meet a new contact, but just as we were leaving, the rain started so we stayed in. We later found out that the contact we were planning to meet had forgotten we were coming and wasn't home at that time, so God saved us from a wasted trip across town and back.

It just goes to show that when we put our trust in the Lord, even the storms are for our benefit.

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