Esther: True to Herself in the Lord

Written by Sister Alena X. Ricci on Monday, August 05, 2019. Posted in Scripture Study

Esther: True to Herself in the Lord

Today, we're continuing Sister Alena's series on women of the Bible in lieu of our regularly scheduled Miracle Monday, which we will resume in August.

Queen Esther has always been a favorite of mine, an easy example of a courageous woman who stood up for what she believed in — a woman who did all of this and got a happy ending, no less.

A lot could be said of Esther, a lot of people have talked about how brave she was or how cunning or trusting. But I want to highlight something I think gets overlooked sometimes, and that is her sense of self.

Esther was not only true to her people, but to herself.

There’s a key difference.

Being true to her people meant that she saved them; she made a stand for them.

But the way she did it? That was her own personality; that was her person coming through for God’s plan. 

When her heart broke for her people and she decided that she must stand for them, she didn’t go running and screaming and yelling, but she was wise and patient, the key traits that make the “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14) so important.

For instance, if it were me, I would have just stormed right up to the king and made my opinion known. (I work in politics, so I’m no stranger to sharing my opinion and loudly advocating for it.)

But that’s why I wasn’t Esther.

I think that a lot of times, we think that we have to fit into a certain mold or box to be used by God, but that just simply isn’t true. If it was, then Church would be incredibly boring because we’d all be the same. Our individuality in our callings is what makes God’s grace so ... great.

The fact that I can be my opinionated self and still be used by God is a miracle.

And the fact that you can be your calm, patient self is even better.

God’s grace is constant and literally pouring over our lives as we’re reading this. He is good and has given you a distinctly different personality from me or anyone else.

And isn’t that great?

Maybe some of us work better in those big moments like Esther, or maybe we’re better at moving things forward behind the scenes.

But no matter what, we have to be true to who we are in God.

God has called each and every one of us to grow and become the best we can be in Him, but that does not mean losing who you are.

Esther didn’t, and that’s evidenced by the fact that her story ended in the best possible way.

God is good and He loves you, and He wants to use you, not some fake version of you based on what you think you should be.

But you, God loves you.

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