Dorcas: Blessed in Good Deeds

Written by Sister Alena X. Ricci on Friday, January 03, 2020. Posted in Scripture Study

Dorcas: Blessed in Good Deeds

Today's article is another installment in Sister Alena X. Ricci's series on the women of the Bible.

For such an amazing story, Dorcas doesn’t have a lot of “screen time” in Scripture. You can read her story in Acts 9, but, basically, she is an early Christian and is active in her new faith and church, and she dies. Peter is called, and she is brought back to life.

That’s a pretty amazing miracle for only eight verses.

The lesson here for me is the first verse of her story. In Acts 9:36, it says, “This woman was full of good deeds.”

That’s passable, right?

We read it and we’re like, “OK, cool, she did a lot of stuff. Great.”

But hang on, that is a big deal.

All that stuff that needed doing? She did it.

All those things that no one volunteered for? She did it.

All those business meeting minutes and carrying the water up the stairs for feet washing and sweeping the sanctuary and the meals for those sick and the cards for those away at college? 

She did it.

She did it all.

(And maybe she didn’t, but she was literally full of good works, so she did a lot.)

I recently found myself working behind the scenes on something absolutely huge in my job. (Like a $6-million-moment-huge.) And, as the newest staff member, I had the worst tasks, stuff that no one wants to do and stuff that is honestly an absolute pain (and stuff I wanted to ask an intern to do).

But after the event, I realized that it was analogous to church life. We all want to be the person who goes and makes the visits or teaches the lessons.

But first we need to be the people who make the meals for the visits and do the studying for the lessons.

We need to be the hands and feet before we can take a step.

And that’s Dorcas; she was the hands and feet of her congregation. She kept things moving and was blessed for doing so.

I think this is a lot like motherhood — or at least my mother.

My mom does a lot of stuff for me, my siblings, and my dad that no one else will do (i.e. cook). But where would we be without food?

And if there’s anything that Dorcas demonstrates it's that those people who do these things out of love and passion (like my mom) are extremely blessed and keep the rest of us lost, confused people going. 

And if that isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is.

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