Covering Your Home in Good Cheer

Written by Sister Michelle Watson on Tuesday, December 13, 2016. Posted in Special Series

Covering Your Home in Good Cheer

Whether you decorated your house weeks ago or you're just starting to put a few things up, it's wonderful when your home can reflect the true meaning of Christmas rather than just its cultural icons.

That's why we brought you our 10 Good Cheer Greetings. Today, we're going to show you some quick, easy ways to decorate your home with them … home, office cubicle, school locker, Sunday school classroom, etc.

Washi Tape Wall Frames

GCG frames 1

Creating a Christmas wall display is as easy as pie — or fruitcake, or figgy pudding. Simply print a few Good Cheer Greetings in various sizes. Use wall putty — the stuff that sticks to your wall and later peels off clean — to arrange the graphics in an attractive configuration. Grab some washi tape in a couple coordinating colors, and cut strips to "frame" the art.

GCG frames 2

If, after a day or so, you want to change up your configuration, just peel off the tape and adjust. Here are a few other layout ideas with the same Greetings and tape.

GCG frames 3

Just FYI, washi tape by design isn't very sticky, so the edges will probably start to lift after a short time. That's normal.

GCG frames 4

Mini Christmas Bunting

Ribbon, tape, and some small Good Cheer Greetings are all you need to make this quick decoration. I used the 2x3-inch size for this burlap bunting.

GCG bunting 1

The burlap ribbon has wired edges, which made folding it over the white lace trim easy — if your ribbon isn't wired, then you might want to give it a quick press with an iron. Simply cut small lengths of ribbon (mine were 5 inches long). Then loop the ribbon over the lace and tape it in the back — good ol' packing tape seems to stick to anything. Then use tape (or some glue dots) to affix a Good Cheer Greeting to each ribbon flag.

Here's another version of the bunting using red velvet ribbon, which is also wired at the edges, strung along a length of twine. I used the 1x1.5-inch size Greetings for this one.

GCG bunting 2

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  • Linda Scolaro

    Linda Scolaro

    13 December 2016 at 07:46 |
    Very cute ideas and seems relatively easy. Thanks for sharing.


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