Cool in School

Written by Brother David Nolfi on Thursday, November 12, 2015. Posted in Devotional

Cool in School

In 2008, I was asked to address the sixth grade class at Glassport Central Elementary on Dr. Seuss Day. This is the poem the Lord gave me.

Cool in School

My pursuit to be
is cool, you see.
To be accepted and admired
by those who I know and who know me!

Clothes, cologne and makeup
are needed to develop.
I want to be the best, it doesn’t
matter how I get to the tiptop.

But do I smoke,
I’m older, no joke!
My parents won’t care, they
don’t know, I’ll go ahead and toke!

Older kids I know,
They drink an' drug, should I also?
It’s mature, the thing to do for me
is to try it you see, let’s go!

Hold hands and kiss?
I never thought of this!
But it’s all part of the picture
of being cool, or do I go amiss?

It all looks so inviting,
Painted up to be exciting!
The trouble is I’m very young, I’ve just begun,
I don’t want to throw away everything!

Stop! The right I’ll choose
I cannot lose!
The wrong may look to be fun
But in the end it will bruise!

Then what is cool?
A scary whirlpool!
I’ll be myself and try my best,
Though I may be different, I’ll be no fool!

Conform to the good
it’ll benefit your adulthood!
Study hard and leave the wrong alone,
Do what it takes and do what you should!

This article has undergone ministry review and approval.

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