Conversion Testimonies in Zambia

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Conversion Testimonies in Zambia

Scripture says that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He's also the same here in America as He is across the oceans in other countries. We hear many stories in our branches and neighborhoods about how the Lord turns people to Him. Here are two conversion testimonies from the African nation of Zambia. We hope this is a blessing.

A woman who has not yet been baptized related when she was a young girl growing up, she was a fighter. She was not afraid of anyone, not even a man. She would fight anyone she saw. She has been beaten, bruised, and scared but continued to fight until one day she came to herself and asked, "What I am I doing?"

She had no friends, and many people would ignore her. One day, her daughter decided to run away from home because of the kind of woman her mother was. This woman did not know where she was for three months. She had a miserable life: no friends, her family forsook her, her daughter was gone, so she decided to seek help and turn her life around.

One day, she met Brother Chalwe, our Pastor from the Chililabombwe branch, and she told him the kind of life she was living. Brother Chalwe knew there was only one way this woman could be helped, so he began to pray for her that God would soften and humble her. God eventually heard his prayer.

She wanted to get married, but everyone, both men and women, knew the person she was. They were afraid of her and knew what she was capable of doing. Men stayed away for her, thinking she might fight and perhaps kill them. One day, she met a man whom she liked, and it developed into a relationship. Her daughter returned home, and they became a family. She has since gotten married, has been attending church worship services, joined the Ladies' Circle, and now sings in the choir.

She credited Brother Chalwe for spending time with her and praying for her. She thanks God for making her a changed person. She recently requested to get baptized!

In the same branch, a brother testified that his younger brother became very ill and not able to move. The family heard about The Church of Jesus Christ and the miracles that were taking place, so they decided to get in touch with Brother Chalwe to come to their home to anoint and pray for their son.

God heard the prayer and honored the anointing by performing a healing on this young man. When the older brother saw the miraculous healing of his brother, he decided to attend the worship services of our church, wanting to know what kind of church this was that his younger brother was prayed for and healed.

Our church membership at the time was meeting in a schoolroom. As time progressed, the congregation outgrew the classroom, and they began to pray that God would make provisions for their own church building. The village council of Chililabombwe donated land for the church to construct a building. The older brother who had seen the healing of his younger brother decided he was going to join the team of Brothers that would clear the land of trees and brush. He was so touched by the preaching and love of God that he requested baptism.

Pray for The Church in Africa

Today, take a moment and pray for the saints in Africa. Ask God to bless them with His Holy Spirit, miracles, and healings. Pray that God provides for their needs and heals their sick. Remember that the brothers and sisters there are your brothers and sisters, too.


The Chililabombwe Branch


The Chililabombwe congregation


Brother Chalwe baptizing

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  • Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Teri-Lyn Tunno

    08 March 2014 at 07:02 |
    These are truly beautiful experiences!!! I love how God works and how He touches the hearts of so many!! Thank you so much for sharing!! The Brothers and Sisters in Africa are definitely that, my Brothers and Sisters. Much love goes out to them! God bless you much!!!


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