Compassion for Children

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Compassion for Children

Jesus loves the little children … what comes next? … all the children of the world. Today, we're sharing two kid-related miracles that happened in the mission field. Enjoy!

By Brother Deo in Burundi, Africa, told in his own words

There has been a miracle in the church of Burundi: one child was seriously sick. He is three years old and had blood coming from his nose, and pus from his ears. As his mother testifies, the child had done a long time with that sickness, and flies were always flying on and around him.

They attended our church meeting, and I anointed the child in the name of Jesus Christ. When they were back home, the child could pour much pus from his ears, and his mother was afraid. Her neighbors advised her to put oil of sewing machine in his child's ears, but she refused and believed the olive oil is enough.

From the following day, the child is alright and can hear very well. I visited them and their neighbors let me know they were afraid the child could not get better. I answered them the God we pray has power to heal. The mother is now attending regularly our church meetings, and declared she will be baptized by the next baptism activity.

From Maracaibo, Venezuela

A youngster, Maria, 9 years of age, attended our Sunday Service. She was accompanied by her parents. It was brought to the attention of the ministry that she needed surgery; her spinal column was curving and causing her much pain and discomfort. The doctors wanted to examine her again on Monday to determine the surgical procedure.

We explained to her parents and the entire family, there were several in attendance, our belief in anointing with oil, quoting the Scripture in James. Prior to the conclusion of the service, we anointed her, asking our Lord and Savior for a miracle to witness the truth of The Church of Jesus Christ. She was anointed.

On Monday, the doctors examined her and found the spinal cord and column to be in “perfect” condition. What a miracle! A wonderful testimony to the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.

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