Christmas Character Series: Creative Writing and Artwork by You!

Written by Sister Ruth Gehly and Sister Michelle Watson on Tuesday, December 10, 2013. Posted in Special Series, Holidays

Christmas Character Series: Creative Writing and Artwork by You!

Today we're kicking off a special series for Christmas! We've recruited a team of creative writers to bring you the Christmas story from the perspective of the individuals who lived it. Each participating writer has chosen a character involved in the nativity and imagined how that character may have experienced the Christmas story. They have each written the story from that character's perspective.

What's more, we've also asked those with artistic talent to contribute portraits of each character. The artists and writers worked separately, so you'll receive each individual's personal interpretation of the character.

We've taken creative liberties, but we hope that the creative efforts of our brothers and sisters helps you think about the birth of Jesus in a new way this season.

Today, we're starting with Elizabeth. The story is by Sister Ruth Gehly, and the illustration is by Sister Michelle Watson.

The Christmas Story as Told by Elizabeth

Prayerful thoughts...

Oh Lord, I am so grateful that you have seen fit to take away my reproach among men and have bestowed upon me the very deepest joy of my heart...this little one who is growing so quickly within little John! Now I truly know what Sarah must have felt when you blessed her with Isaac at such a time so late in life...I promise, Lord, to raise him in a manner that is pleasing unto you...a manner that will prepare him for your great work. Oh Lord, how we long for you to heart tells me that it will not be long...

And, Lord, (giggle) how your messenger Gabriel startled my dear husband Zachariah in the temple! I am told that the look on his face is a look not easily forgotten. Well, neither are the looks on the faces of those around me as they look upon my swelling belly! May their hearts turn to you Lord as they consider the mighty miracle of this life that is growing within me...yes, me...Elizabeth! All things are possible with you, Lord. Praise your holy name!

Oh my dear, sweet Zachariah...I miss his voice so much, Lord. Please forgive his doubt and astonishment. These many months we have learned to communicate in so many new ways...a look, a gentle touch, the smile and laughter in his eyes...Yet there is something I see in him that tells me there is so much more for what is to come. In all that is unexplained, in all that I do not know, I find such peace and strength in this silence that so purposefully fills our home.

An unexpected visit...

Oh Lord, I am so humbled and overwhelmed! She's sweet cousin Mary, your handmaid, is here with me! As soon as I saw her, my little John leaped within me and I was driven to my knees by your presence! She told me how your messenger Gabriel visited her, too, and how she was carried away in the spirit and how your son now dwells within her! Oh Lord, how blessed Mary is among women. How blessed is the child that she carries! Praise your holy name!

Who am I that the Lord of all the earth should send the mother of His son to me? Nevertheless, in all that is unexplained, in all that I do not fully understand, I find such joy and excitement in this visit that so purposefully fills our home.

The Eighth Day...

We presented him to you today, Lord. Look at him. He truly is beautiful as he suckles! They said his name should be called Zechariah, but I said, "Not so!"

Oh Lord, the look on their faces will not be easily forgotten as Zachariah took his tablet and announced his name to be John! (Giggle) Nor the looks of astonishment when you loosed my dear husband's tongue!

Now I know! It is not just by the look in Zachariah's eyes but by the sound of his voice and by such a special visit that I realize there is so much more to come. And to think that my little John will be the one to prepare the way for the child that Mary carries...your precious son.

In all that is unexplained, in all that I still do not fully understand, I praise you Lord. Please know that I find such contentment in the fulfillment of your plan that so purposefully fills our home.

Michelle Elizabeth5

Michelle Elizabeth6

Michelle Elizabeth4

Stay tuned the rest of the week for more creative character stories!

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