Blogger's Choice: Casting Out Demons

Written by Sister Stefanie on Wednesday, June 24, 2015. Posted in Devotional

Blogger's Choice: Casting Out Demons

Today's Blogger's Choice is from Sister Stefanie. She chose "Casting Out Demons," originally published on July 31, 2013.

She says, "It's my favorite because it was the most powerful experience I've ever had. I had been struggling with it for weeks, and I had asked to be anointed because I wasn't feeling well, not for the issue — and God knew what I needed even when I didn't think to ask."

Have you ever felt the evil one find the smallest crack in you and try to weasel his way in?

When I was in my senior year of college, I lost a good friend of mine. I was living in an apartment alone, and the closest family member was about an hour away. I was full of grief for the loss, but I was also disturbed by the circumstances of her passing.

I became haunted by an evil spirit. Like in scary movies, I felt its presence the most at night right around the time I was settling down, trying to go to sleep. I did a lot of praying those restless nights to rebuke it, but it wouldn't go away. I slept — or tried to — with a kitchen knife under my pillow and a wooden bat in my hands.

Looking back, it seems silly that I did this since, obviously, those objects don't do anything to ward off a spirit, but, at the time, it was a small comfort to me. I had asked those I was close with to pray for me so I'd experience relief from this. I got anointed a couple times at church for it, too. Nothing worked.

I was discouraged that the Lord wasn't listening to me when I needed Him. I felt like I was dealing with enough to be dealing with this, too. Not having slept properly in weeks, I was exhausted and wasn't focusing on my studies or my job and, of course, I ended up getting sick.

That Sunday, I went to visit my parents. In church, I asked to be anointed for my sickness. My grandfather, knowing what I had been going through, did not pray for the sickness to go away. Instead, he prayed that God would remove the evil spirit from me and provide me with peace.

During the prayer, I felt my head get pretty warm, but I thought it was from his and my father's hands. When the prayer was over, my grandfather asked me if I felt the heat. I had told him my head felt warm. He said that as he was praying, fire came down from the ceiling into his hands and through my body.

Not only was I healed of my illness that day, but I have never felt that evil spirit again. I don't know why God had me endure that instead of immediately answering my prayers that first night. But if He had immediately answered them, I don't think the experience would have made such an impact on me.

This is just another example that proves that God is the same today as in He was in the times recorded in the scriptures.

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  • Anonymous


    24 June 2015 at 11:01 |
    "I don't know why God had me endure that instead of immediately answering my prayers that first night."

    this was to show to you that TCOJC (WHQ: Monongahela, PA) is the only church on the face of the earth that has the priesthood authority to heal all afflictions and power to cast out devils, which is what you needed at that time.


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