Best of Miracle Monday: I Never Heard a Sweeter Song

Written by Sister Mandy Griffith on Monday, July 20, 2015. Posted in Miracles

Best of Miracle Monday: I Never Heard a Sweeter Song

For today's Best of Miracle Monday, we're republishing "I Never Heard a Sweeter Song" from May 7, 2012 submitted by Sister Mandy Griffith.

When our first son, Wesley, was born, he was four weeks premature. As new parents, we naturally had many concerns, but the day after his birth, when his condition was stabilized, we had family come to visit.

As everyone gathered around to see the baby, the gift of tongues came forth, and the interpretation was, "My gift to you, thus saith the Lord." We were so blessed to receive that expression of God's love; it truly comforted us, and we felt reassured that all would be well with our son.

As he grew over the first year of life, he had some minor developmental delays that many preemies experience, one being speech delay. At about 16 months old, Wesley had said very few words. We would constantly read books to him, sing songs and engage him, but he was clearly delayed in language expression.

We worked with our doctors to begin speech therapy to help him along. As my husband and I were concerned, we would pray and always lean on that very first experience where God reassured us that Wesley was a gift from Him and all would be OK.

At about 20 months, we weren't yet seeing much change, but one Sunday morning before church, the three of us sat in the living room just waking up. Wesley was still sleepy and laying on his daddy's chest.

All of a sudden, out of the silence, we heard a little voice start to sing, "God is so good...God is so good...God is so good...He's so good to me."

We were amazed! Tears of joy flowed as we heard not only Wesley's first string of words together but a song that truly comforted my husband and me like nothing else we could have imagined.

The Lord's sweet spirit filled our home, and we could truly give Him all the praise as Wesley's speech rapidly improved from that point forward.

God is so good. I never heard a sweeter song...

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