Be Addicted to Your Calling

Written by Sister Natalie Shawver on Thursday, September 24, 2015. Posted in Devotional

Be Addicted to Your Calling

Each summer at my office we have the opportunity to attend educational sessions about our professional development. This year, I decided to attend one entitled “Gen Y: Making Your Way as a Millennial.” The speaker had been with our company for more than a decade and shared his experience climbing the corporate ladder to us 20-30somethings.

As I was listening to him speak, I was struck by one specific comment he made: “Be addicted to your calling.” Although he was speaking of our natural calling (albeit teacher, nurse or writer — like me), I felt as if the Lord was speaking right to me in that class, and I jotted it down in my notebook immediately (future GospelBlog post perhaps?).

Throughout my life growing up in The Church of Jesus Christ, I’ve heard numerous brothers remind us from the pulpit that there is no greater calling than to be a member of His true gospel. While we may feel directed to do something particular in life (to serve the poor, to mentor a young one, to visit the elderly), the most precious calling we will ever have is what we hold so dear — salvation.

The question is: how do we become “addicted” to our calling?

Mr. Webster says that addiction is “devoting or surrendering oneself to something habitually.” While the word “addiction” often has a negative connotation (much like “stubborn”), I’d like to argue that it can have a positive one as well.

We are devoted to the work of the Lord.

We surrender ourselves daily to His will and pray for strength to put ours aside.

We habitually attend weekly meetings, conferences, MBA services, Ladies' Circle, etc. because we draw strength from the fellowship and the message.

We are addicted to our calling, sharing our testimony, spreading the Good News.

Do I have a passion for writing? Of course I do — it’s why I decided to make a career of it. Do I try to have that same fervor with my calling into The Church? It’s a daily goal and remembrance of the promise I made at the water’s edge to serve Him to the best of my ability.

Perhaps you sit in the pew each Sunday and enjoy the message, and that is that. Perhaps it’s time to take things up a notch in your relationship with the Lord and remember your holy calling. Keep moving towards the prize — it’s the highest calling of them all.

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