Anna: Experiencing Jesus Firsthand

Written by Sister Alena X. Ricci on Tuesday, December 10, 2019. Posted in Scripture Study

Anna: Experiencing Jesus Firsthand

Today's article is another installment in Sister Alena's series on "Women of the Bible."

Not a lot is said about Anna except that she is older, she loves God, and she spends all day and night at the temple. She is a prophetess from the tribe of Asher.

But more importantly, she literally experiences the presence of God. 

Mary and Joseph had come with Jesus, and she runs into them, recognizing Him for who He is. Can you imagine the sheer excitement she felt in that moment? That feeling of perfection and rejuvenation?

Here is this old woman, who I’m sure some people thought was crazy, coming face to face with the very God that she loved so much.

I’m not going to speculate what she did, whether she picked Him up or kissed Him on the forehead; it’s irrelevant, and the Scripture is clear about that.

God’s word tells us who she is and the fact that she experiences Jesus Christ firsthand.

She sees Jesus, and then she goes and tells of redemption in Jerusalem. The Bible literally says that she spoke of Jesus to everyone who was looking for redemption. 

This is a great testimony. 

And yet, one we have all experienced.

I was recently speaking with someone at work about my family’s history and how we came to the church, and they asked why or how anyone else would even want to share their testimony after that.

This deeply disturbed me because I think we tend to value and only put credibility behind those powerful, dramatic stories.

But isn’t the story of just an “average” person coming to the Lord equal to an old woman running into Jesus as a baby?

Both are testimonies, and both are powerful, and both have the ability to lead someone to the arms of Jesus Christ.

So many people think that to share the Gospel we must have lived some dramatic, evil life, but sometimes we are just people, just equally lost, equally confused, and equally heartbroken.

And every time, Jesus Christ arrives, bringing with Him hope and salvation.

Photo credit: "Simeon and Anna Praise the Infant Jesus" by Arent de Gelder c. 1700

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    Betty Ann Manes

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    Good article, Lena!


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