Angels to the Rescue

Written by Sister Martha Gehly and Sister Carla King on Monday, April 04, 2016. Posted in Miracles

Angels to the Rescue

Today, we've got two miracles that involve last month's theme (angels in disguise) and this month's theme (weather). Enjoy!

Submitted by Sister Martha Gehly

My widowed mother, Sister Ethel Cadman, lived the last days of her life alone in an apartment in Greenville, PA. Each week she would traverse several blocks to get her hair washed and set.

Being battered by the wind on a blustery day as she walked home, an "angel" parked his car, walked up to her and said, "Young lady, you need some help." He guided her the remainder of the way and helped her inside the door of her building.

Our family was thankful for the many angels who cared for our mother.

Submitted by Sister Carla King

Many years ago, we lived across from Lake Erie in a hundred-year-old Victorian house. Very large oak trees lined our driveway. One summer, we had a really bad storm. It was raining, and the wind was so strong that it was pushing our outdoor furniture across the large front porch. I decided to go outside and move the furniture to one side so that it wouldn’t get damaged. Just as I was reaching for the handle of the front door, my son, Zack, screamed, “Mom, NO!” and grabbed me before I could get out of the door.

Just as he did, a large branch about 8 inches in diameter and about 10 feet long came flying onto the porch between the roof of the porch and the railing. Had I opened the door and stepped on to the porch, the branch would've hit me.

I know that God inspired Zack to be my "angel" because there was no way he could have seen the branch coming from inside the house. I thank God every day for His protection and never take it for granted.

All-Call for Your Testimonies

Thank you to everyone who submitted weather-related Miracle Mondays for April! We've got some interesting things cooked up for this month, so some of your stories may spill over into May. In the meantime, keep your testimonies of God's goodness coming! Click here to share your miracle memories with us.

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