Always Enough

Written by Sister Lydia Link on Monday, November 25, 2013. Posted in Miracles

Always Enough

This is the last food-related Miracle Monday! Today's article was submitted by Sister Lydia Link. If you haven't submitted a Christmas miracle for next month, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.! 

Every Saturday, my mother, Sister Valenti, prepared food for our family of nine for Sunday's after-Church dinner. Occasionally, two or three visitors from other branches attended our branch. My mother would never let them leave without inviting them to have dinner at our home.

One Sunday, there were six visitors, and my mother did not hesitate to invite them for dinner. As she was preparing the meal, she became concerned because she knew she did not have enough food to serve everyone. But she prayed there would be enough and that God would provide.

We children were sitting at a table separate from the guests. Usually, in order to keep us quiet, we were served first. This time, my mother told us that we would be served after the visitors.

As the food was served, everyone was relaxed and enjoyed visiting and sharing experiences. After everyone had full plates, including the children, some of the visitors requested seconds. God had provided! There was enough food for the visitors to have seconds as well as enough left to provide for another meal.

Christmas Miracle Mondays

For next month, we're requesting that you send in your Christmas-related miracles. Did God ever show His power to you during the holidays? Maybe He provided gifts or food when there wasn't any money, or maybe He healed someone of sickness so they could enjoy the day. Perhaps He visited your family with His presence. We'd love to hear how God has touched your life during Christmas. Click here to email us your stories.

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