A Special Diet — Just Try It, Try It!

Written by Sister Erin Light on Thursday, January 23, 2014. Posted in Devotional

A Special Diet — Just Try It, Try It!

We hope you enjoy this Seuss-ian retelling of Daniel 1 by Sister Erin Light.

When Jerusalem turned
away from God,
They were conquered by
Big, bad Babylon.
Judah's temple was destroyed.
The city walls were broken like toys.
Judah was captured right away.
All Jerusalem turned into slaves.
But Daniel and his three guy friends
Went to serve the Babylon king instead.

Those four young guys—
Skilled, smart, without spot—
Were to be taught
The Chaldean's tongue.
For three years time
They were to be fed
To be properly presented
Before King Neb.

King Nebuchadnezzar
Thought his food was better,
So he ordered the Hebrews
To eat fat and sinew.
But God had a strict law of food:
"Eat no animal with unclean shoes,"
And instead they did choose
The royal grub to refuse.

From Melzar, the royal eunuch,
The boys implored special treatment.
"We do not like your pricey meat!
We do not want your royal feast!"
They would not eat it from the table.
They would not eat it in the stable.
They would not eat it in a chair.
They would not eat it anywhere.
"We cannot eat this leaven bread.
Please give us seeds and grains instead!
And you will see our ten-day diet
Will make us stronger than your finest."
Melzar agreed
God had turned his heart kind
Toward Dan, the Hebrew child.

After ten days,
Melzar noticed the boys
More ruddy and stronger
Than other guys!
No four were found to be as handsome,
And God increased their smarts and wisdom.
Because they obeyed,
God blessed them great,
With ten times the knowledge and wits
Of the King's best astrologists.

Thanks to the eunuch,
The four Hebrew dudes
Didn't have to eat
The unclean food
And even gained favor
From King Neb, too!

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  • Margaret Crupi

    Margaret Crupi

    23 January 2014 at 08:45 |
    Really enjoyed this! So creative!


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