A Serene Smile

Written by Brother Michael Zaino and Sister Vicki Osheka on Monday, November 17, 2014. Posted in Miracles

A Serene Smile

Today, we're sharing two death-related Miracle Mondays, one from Brother Michael Zaino and another from Sister Vicki Osheka. Can you spot the link between the two?

Submitted by Brother Michael Zaino

When I was about 10 years old, Brother Tulio Pizzaia, Brother Bob Pizzaia's father, passed away. I had a hard time understanding what death was and what happens after death. In a dream, I saw Brother Tulio in a coffin. We passed by, looking at the body as we normally do at a wake. As I passed by Him, He looked at me and smiled. I woke up and understood that He was in a happier place. I understood that death wasn't the end, and I had peace after the dream.

Submitted by Sister Vicki Osheka

I had a wonderful uncle, Brother Alfred Nolfi, who became a second father to me and, more importantly, a spiritual father to me.

One night, I dreamed that he died, and I saw him laying in his coffin with a very peaceful look on his face, almost with a slight smile. When I woke up, I felt very bad, worrying he might pass. I wanted to become closer to him spiritually and naturally, not wanting to lose him.

Within the next five years I had had the exact dream two other times. Each time, I reached out to become closer to him.

A year had passed after the third and last dream, when my Uncle Alfred was admitted to the hospital. The night before he passed away, we had a wonderful spiritual conversation on the phone.

The next morning, we heard the news that he had passed away. We were all saddened. I remember driving that morning and crossing the bridge by my home. I saw the most beautiful double rainbow over our river! It brought such peace to my heart.

When I went to the funeral home the next day, to my amazement, my Uncle Al had the same expression on his face as he did in the three dreams. He looked at peace and had that same small smile on his face. The dreams immediately came back to me. I knew that the Lord gave me those dreams so I could get closer to him. I learned many spiritual things from my Uncle Alfred and miss him greatly. God is so good.

Editor's note: Time is short. Who are the elderly saints that you need to get closer to today?

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