A Powerful Healing

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A Powerful Healing

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It's History Week on the Gospel Blog! We asked General Church Historian Brother Larry Watson to select some memorable testimonies and miracles from The Church history books. Hopefully reading them here will inspire you to read the hard copies for even more blessings.

Sunday evening, May 5, 1974, would begin like any other MBA. Evangelist George Johnson was to present his lesson, “The Resurrection of Christ.” But, before he began, a small girl was brought up to be anointed for a lump on her neck the size of a lemon. A powerful, spirited prayer followed. The girl returned to her seat, and the bottle of oil was placed on the corner of the rostrum.

Brother Johnson began his lesson. Brother Richard Scaglione describes:

During a discussion of the meaning and importance of Christ's words, "I am the resurrection and the life," Brother Johnson emphasized the fact that there is power in Christ's resurrection that reaches down to us in our day. At that moment, the cap and neck of the oil bottle literally blew off. The cap of the bottle, with the jagged piece of the neck still tightly in place, landed on the floor in front of the pulpit where the communion table was located. Then it rolled backward toward the pulpit and stopped under the table.

“I didn’t even touch it!” Brother Johnson exclaimed, thinking that perhaps someone may have thought he struck the bottle while he spoke.

Brother Scaglione:

A fine spray of oil from the bottle covered the edge of the pulpit. The power in the ordinance of anointing was verified the next day when the lump on the child's side disappeared. The bottle and the cap, with part of the jagged neck still connected, are on display in the Branch as a reminder of the power in the resurrection of our Savior and His great healing power.

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  • Barbara Weiner

    Barbara Weiner

    15 September 2016 at 13:59 |
    What branch was this??
    I am loving these history related articles! Thank you for doing this task for us and for the gospel blog love Barbara Weiner


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