A Good Prescription

Written by Sister Julia Nicholas on Monday, November 11, 2019. Posted in Miracles

A Good Prescription

Today's Miracle Monday is the experience of Sister Julia Nicholas from the Muncey Indian Reserve, in Ontario, Canada, as recorded in the August 1952 issue of The Gospel News. It also appears in Vol. 1 of the church history book.

On the night of March 26,1940, I dreamed that a visitor came to see me when I was sick. He sat on a chair at the foot of my bed. When he began to talk, the first thing he said was, "I see you're very sick." I replied, "Yes."

There was a glass of water on the stand beside my bed. He asked, "Where do get that water?" I told him we got it just aways down. Then he said: "Well, I have water that is better than that."

After this, the subject changed and he said: "I see you've been reading alot today." I answered yes, "I've been reading too much." He replied: "I see you've been reading a true story." I replied yes. He told me they were not good to read and pointed to the New Testament, which was on the stand, saying, "If you want to read a true story, read that, for it is a real true story"

Then he asked if I had been having a Doctor, answered no not yet. He then asked me who I usually got. I told him that I always got Dr. McCloud. He said: "I'm a Doctor too, but the trouble with the people is, that they won't depend upon me." Then he asked me if I would use some of his medicine if he would give it to me. I answered yes.

At this moment, he arose and got a bottle out. I noticed that the contents of the bottle was almost white, and he put a label on the bottle, and wrote directions on it. He told me that if I would follow the directions, I would get better. After this he disappeared.

Then I took the bottle to read the directions which were on the label, and on it was written: "If any are sick among you, let him call the Elders of The Church to be anointed with oil."

Editor's Note: This article has been transcribed exactly as found on page three of the August 1952 issue of The Gospel News, complete with errors.

Your Doctor's Orders

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