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The Lost Tribe of Manasseh

Written by Sister Sandy Capone on behalf of the NAOC on Tuesday, 13 October 2020. Posted in Church News Hits 581

The Lost Tribe of Manasseh

We are living in a time where the words of the prophets are coming to life! Events we are seeing indicates that the dispersed people of Israel may well be beginning the process of going home!

In northeastern India, there is a community of people that goes by the name Bnei Menashe. They were exiled from Israel by the Assyrians 2,700 years ago and are descendants of Manasseh.

Their ancestors first traveled all the way to China and stayed there for several centuries. You can see the Chinese influence in their features. Ultimately, they had to leave China because of religious persecution. They went south and then west until they settled in northeastern India. Separated geographically from Israel, they maintained their traditions, passed down orally from father to son. It is said they always longed for Zion, for Jerusalem and Israel. The only thing that kept them connected to Israel was their faith, plus the customs and traditions handed down through the generations.

Stay United in Reopening

Written by GospelBlog on Friday, 25 September 2020. Posted in Church News Hits 543

Stay United in Reopening

Right around the Fourth of July, the ministry of the Lakeside Branch in Arizona was faced with the question of reopening the branch for in-person Sunday services. Needless to say, the branch ministry put a lot of thought and prayer into deciding when to reopen and how.

This is how it happened for our group.

It was a blessing to connect virtually with our branch — and many others throughout the church — during the shutdown; however, it did not compare to seeing one another face to face. When we were given permission to open, we wanted to give those who were ready and willing the opportunity to meet. 

Our re-opening theme was "Stay United."

Presiding elder Brother Michael Watson says, "We felt that prioritizing in-person church was something that we needed to do. We had a strong desire to open the branch for anyone who felt ready to attend, while extending love and grace to those who decide to remain home."

Creekside Branch Opens Again

Written by GospelBlog on Friday, 18 September 2020. Posted in Church News Hits 547

Creekside Branch Opens Again

On July 26, 2020, the Creekside Branch of The Church of Jesus Christ opened its doors for the first time since being closed in mid-March of this year. Despite participating in blessed and encouraging Zoom meetings, we longed for personal contact once again, sharing the love of Christ face to face. As the Apostle Paul said, "Forsake not the assembling of yourselves."

As brothers and sisters came into the building, you could see the joy and excitement upon their faces. They were like children entering a candy store. Of course, they had to wear masks and sanitize their hands at the door, but they did not seem to mind. They were just so genuinely happy to be there. What was difficult for most was to refrain from shaking hands and embracing each other.

Experiences Resound as Our Churches Reopen

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Experiences Resound as Our Churches Reopen

Here are a few more brief reports of blessings experienced by branches that have reopened recently for in-person meetings.

The Levittown Branch enjoyed in-person fellowship on a Saturday evening with a sermon, anointing, and communion. The Spirit of God was felt in our meeting. In fact, at one point, a bright and intense golden shaft of sunlight blasted through the windows. It was so intense that it was noticed by all as the sanctuary was lit up and we had to adjust the blinds because the light was so bright. This is evidence of God's power. All in attendance were happy and blessed — there were even some hugs — with many expressing a desire to meet in person again soon.

Mt Laurel, New Jersey, held its first in-person "parking lot" meeting, and it was wonderful. The meeting consisted of a sermon, anointing, and communion. Testimonies were powerful and music played through a portable speaker. The saints present were joyous and blessed to be together again.

VBS Still Goes On, Just a Little Differently

Written by Brother Rich Nath on Tuesday, 08 September 2020. Posted in Church News Hits 414

VBS Still Goes On, Just a Little Differently

The summer months are typically the time when many of our branches and missions hold Vacation Bible School. This year, though, like many other activities, VBS (in person) was a casualty of the pandemic.

But as we have witnessed over the last six months, the Lord has continued to inspire His people with new ways to meet via the technology that we’ve been blessed with. How fitting it was when a virtual VBS was suggested. Children's Sunday School had gone virtual since the branch closed, so why not VBS? The ministry agreed, and a committee formed.

In about a month’s time, everything was set up and ready to go. The entire Church was invited to attend. Children from across the country participated, from Pennsylvania to Florida to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Over 30 attended throughout the week. They had five evenings of music, lessons, skits, videos, and games.

God's Peace and Protection for the Reopening Branches

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God's Peace and Protection for the Reopening Branches

We're interrupting our regularly scheduled Good Word Friday for the month of September in order to bring you a series of articles about the church's reopening coordinated by the Native American Operating Committee (NAOC). The articles will chronicle the reopening of several branches — how, when, why? — and also share some experiences that have happened in these branches.

Today, we're starting with the Metuchen Branch in New Jersey. Here's their story...

It's Just the Beginning of Lively Hope

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It's Just the Beginning of Lively Hope

On the final day of camp, we started the day at the water’s edge! Four baptisms were performed. The four new converts are Jonas Bodo, Elizabeth Tenorio, Alexa D’Orazio, and Cristina Scolaro.

A Day in the Life at GMBA Camp 2019

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A Day in the Life at GMBA Camp 2019

Wednesday at camp began with a chapel service addressed by Brother Doug Obradovich on the subject of “Who Was It?” The final day of seminars followed. The 56-64 age group had some special visitors from the 9-10-year-olds. The children held up cards that spelled out “Lively Hope” and shared something from each card that Jesus does to give us hope, beginning with the letter on the card. At the end of their presentation, the children each found one person in the regular class to give the card to.

GMBA Camp 2019 Continues

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GMBA Camp 2019 Continues

Tuesday at camp began with a peppy rendition of “Like a Child” performed by a group of young people pictured below. During the ensuing chapel service, Brother Joe DiBattista shared two easy-to-remember scripture references and stated that we can’t live abundantly (John 10:10) without the hope that comes from the resurrection of Christ (John 20:20). This was followed by the second day of “Lively Hope” seminars.

GMBA 2019 13

The afternoon featured the annual Kids' Day, with face painting, a petting zoo and snow cones. The kids loved it!

Having Lively Hope

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Having Lively Hope

The first regular day of the GMBA Campout began with Brother Brandon Dulisse, this year’s seminar director, addressing the congregation regarding the camp theme.

After that, Brother Brandon introduced each of the seminar leaders. Every year, the seminar director is challenged with having to come up with a creative way to introduce the teachers. For this year, the teachers were introduced as sports All-Stars, with their heads superimposed on an actual sports figure. Some were quite humorous, especially the brothers who are “hair-challenged” who had hair added to their photos.

Today was the first day of regular seminars on the theme of “Lively Hope.” Everyone went to the class for their respective age groups to explore the theme. Some classes (as depicted below) put the chairs in a circle and used creative activities to reinforce the theme.

GMBA 2019 7

The annual Market Day had several tables set up with items for sale to benefit Church branches and missions throughout the world. Many shoppers stopped by the tables, and one in particular sold out of its items within the first hour.

GMBA 2019 8

Although the sky was foreboding, the rain held off so kids 'recreation could happen. We are appreciative of the adults who give of their time to help the kids have fun at camp.

GMBA 2019 9

For the evening meeting, the GMBA officers and seminar leaders for the younger age groups (ages 13 to 23) met with that age group to minister to them directly. At the same time, the adults (ages 24 and up) enjoyed the preaching of Brother Paul Ciotti and Brother Tony Ricci, after which the Apostles brought the young adults up front for singing, testimony, and prayer requests.

GMBA 2019 10

Following the evening meeting, the adults congregated for fellowship while the young children were treated to a pajama party with a movie. Good night, all — we’ll be ready for another day tomorrow.

GMBA 2019 11

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GMBA Camp 2019

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GMBA Camp 2019

The 2019 GMBA Campout is underway! This year’s camp is back at the familiar location of California University in California, PA. It was a blessing walking on campus and being greeted by Cal U staff members who said they missed us last year and are so glad to be hosting us again!

The theme of the camp this year is “Lively Hope.” This is based on 1 Peter 1:3: “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.”

GMBA 2019 2

In lieu of the regular Sunday morning meeting, the GMBA officers felt directed to hold a special chapel and seminar on the subject of “Unity.” Brother Tom D’Orazio, GMBA Vice-President, addressed the congregation during chapel and used The Church logo to show how we can be more unified. He pointed out that we need to put “us” above “i” as depicted below. This was a great visual of the message.

GMBA 2019 3

Everyone then gathered by age group in their respective classrooms for the “Unity” seminar. The goal was to have everyone feeling unified as we go into the week’s topic of “Lively Hope.” Each set of instructors took a different approach to achieve unity among the members of their class. One example was a class in which everyone was asked to sit on the stage of the meeting room and then form an impromptu choir to sing hymns on subjects that unify us (Birth of Christ, Resurrection, Restoration, Zion, etc.). Having everyone sit close together and focus on these hymns helped promote unity among that group.

GMBA 2019 4

Sunday evening was dedicated to the distribution of the Lord’s Supper. Brother Peter Scolaro addressed the congregation and then nine brothers distributed the bread and the wine to a large congregation. A wonderful spirit was felt by all.

GMBA 2019 5

We look forward to the remainder of the week as we focus on the theme of “Lively Hope.”

This article has undergone ministry review and approval.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Circle

Written by Sister Gelsa Staley on Monday, 27 March 2017. Posted in Church News Hits 11241

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Circle

Today we're pausing Miracle Monday to share a nice report from the General Ladies Uplift Circle (GLUC) written by Sister Gelsa Staley.

When Sister Lisa and I first became President and Vice President of the GLUC, we decided that it would be a good idea to travel to different Circles to encourage the sisters. We were off to a good start, going to Omaha, Nebraska — in the middle of winter! — and Columbus, Ohio. Then, life got in the way, and various other duties that required our attention as officers of the GLUC.

Recently, Sister Lisa and I decided that it would be nice for her to come to Florida when it was cold in Michigan and just visit with me and not do anything else. Sister Lisa was just going to have a nice little vaca. Well, the Lord had something else in mind.

Psalm 19 Wrap-up and Top 10 Takeaways from April Conference

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Psalm 19 Wrap-up and Top 10 Takeaways from April Conference

Today concludes our mission to memorize Psalm 19:7-14. How did you do? Was it difficult? Easier than you expected? Post a comment telling us about your experience. 

We've also got another free printable page with this week's graphics. When printed, they should be roughly the size of a business card so that you can cut them out and keep them handy so you can keep up your memorization in the future. We really hope that memorizing scripture has brought you into closer contact with God's word! 


Meet the Q12: Apostle Joel Gehly

Written by Brother Joel Gehly on Thursday, 03 March 2016. Posted in Special Series, Church News Hits 6185

Meet the Q12: Apostle Joel Gehly

Today, we're bringing you another Meet the Q12 interview! The objective is to help you get to know our brother apostles both as individuals and as spiritual leaders. Today, we're interviewing Brother Joel Gehly.

What branch or mission do you attend?

Erie Branch, PA (Midwest Region). I grew up in the Fredonia Branch (Penn/Mid-Atlantic Region).

What is your favorite Bible or Book of Mormon verse?

I love the Book of Mormon, and have many favorite verses, but I would say my favorite verse is Revelation 14:6-7. This verse is so important for me, for us, our church, our future. I preach this message of the “everlasting gospel” everywhere.

Carry the Word with You

Written by Sister Michelle Watson on Tuesday, 23 February 2016. Posted in Church News Hits 4079

Carry the Word with You

There are probably certain things you wouldn't consider doing without your cell phone or smartphone … like leave the house. Am I right?

You wouldn't drive without it — it's your GPS.

It sits on your desk at work — and knows all your important phone numbers.

And you make sure to keep it handy whenever you have to wait. Might as well crush some candy at the doctor's office.

My point is that we bring our phones everywhere. Whether our fingers are constantly flying over the touchscreen keyboard or we tuck it away in case of emergency, there are places we just won't go without it.

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