As spiritual leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ, their teaching, preaching, writing and officiating in the ordinances should conform strictly with the original twelve apostles whom Jesus called. The Quorum of Twelve Apostles are responsible for overseeing the spiritual welfare of The Church and the membership, while serving as spiritual counselors to The Church and as consultants on General Church committees. 

The General Church president and his counselors (elected by the general priesthood) are members of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles. These three, form the General Church Presidency and work in harmony with the entire Quorum of Twelve to carry out their leadership functions for the entire Church. Currently and historically, Church policy and practices involve the apostles in all levels of Church government functions. 

In addition, the apostles of The Church are also responsible for the Priesthood - selecting and training elders, doing missionary work while also engaging the Evangelists and their domestic and world-wide missionary outreach. They are also called upon to investigate and resolve problems by advising and guiding regions, monitoring and evaluating Church progress toward goals. The functions of the Quorum of Twelve are manifold and varied, but the essence of their functions are to serve the Priesthood and membership of The Church.

Message from the Apostles

Since our last message in October, we have heard of increased attention being given to monthly Fasting and Prayer in the Branches. We are grateful to learn of this and the many blessings that have accompanied.
During our April meeting, we again felt compelled to pay heed to the changes that are occurring in the world. It is very important that we – God’s Church and people – do not allow the events and trends in the world to take us down. The increasing divisiveness, animosity, violence, and acceptance of things contrary to God’s word that we encounter daily must not be allowed to dull our sensitivities. In fact, it is more important than ever to hold up righteousness and the Restored Gospel for each other and for everyone who would serve Christ. (Faith & Doctrine, Articles 19 & 23)
We are encouraged by our Vision of the Kingdom of God which will come to fulness in these Latter Days. The entire world will be impacted as God’s plan unfolds. America is a Promised Land wherein God has mandated its inhabitants will serve Him or be swept off. (Ether 2 & 13; II Nephi 1). Prophecy gives us knowledge that God will cleanse sin from the land – even if through violence and natural calamities; but that the righteous need not fear as God will preserve them. (Ether 2; I Nephi 22; II Nephi 27; Isaiah 65; Joel 2) In recent and current times, God continues to give experiences to The Church to maintain our awareness and vigilance.
As The Church and at the personal level, it is incumbent upon us to review our lives. We must be of pure heart in faith and righteousness before the Lord. Let us continue and increase our diligence in Fasting and Prayer. As we examine ourselves, let us cleanse and renew our hearts and live in faith and righteousness, fearlessly rejoicing in Jesus Christ, His promises and His salvation. God’s marvelous work is before us! In our unity and righteousness, we will see the Power of God manifested to the amazement of mankind. (Isaiah 55; Matthew 6; Psalms 26; II Corinthians 13; I Nephi 22; Isaiah 4)

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Current Quorum of Twelve Apostles

2007_October_James_Crudup_copy.JPG 2012_October_Joel_Gehly_copy_3.jpg  
  Apostle James Crudup
Ordained 10/14/07
Apostle Joel Gehly
Ordained 10/14/12
2001_October_John_R._Griffith_copy.JPG 2005_April_Paul_Liberto_copy.JPG  1995_October_Thomas_M._Liberto_copy.JPG 
 Apostle John Griffith
Ordained 10/12/03 
 Apostle Paul Liberto
Ordained 4/17/05 
 Apostle Thomas Liberto 
Ordained 10/15/95
 2007_April_Leonard_A._Lovalvo_copy.JPG  2015_October_Frank_Natoli_copy.jpg 1986_October_Paul_Palmieri_copy.jpg 
 Apostle Leonard Lovalvo
Ordained 4/22/07
 Apostle Frank Natoli
Ordained 10/11/15
 Apostle Paul Palmieri
Ordained 10/12/86
2015_October_Paul_A._Palmieri_copy.jpg 1997_October_Peter_Scolaro_copy.JPG  
 Apostle Paul A. Palmieri
Ordained 10/11/15
 Apostle Peter Scolaro
Ordained 10/12/97